Discover the unique Boglands – The Hairy Bogga’s Hideaway. Hidden in the depths of  rural Ireland, Boglands is a destination for the inquisitive, the weary and the adventurous alike. Gorgeous accommodation, rustic food, and with ample opportunity to get active, your escape to the Irish Midlands will be as memorable as it will be relaxing.

In one of Ireland’s least visited Counties, County Offaly,  you will discover, among many other wondrous and fantastic places, adventures and people, a unique hamlet called Boglands – The Hairy Bogga’s Hideaway. Hidden within, but shining a beacon upon the rural landscape, The Hairy Bogga’s Hideaway, Boglands, is a destination in itself. 

From afar the people have come, and continue to. A steady stream of eager, inquisitive and adventurous Bogga-seekers arrive at the front gate with a tinge of horror in their eyes. An appeasement takes place and all is well. Upon entering Boglands –  The Hairy Bogga’s Hideaway, that worldly weight of stress is lifted. It’s Bogga Time.